Hospital Passport and Emergency Card for Deaf community

Aggiornato il: 10 giu 2020

What if?

- You get sick and need to go to the hospital urgently and you don’t know how you will communicate with the medical staff?

Or - You have an accident on the street and you become unconscious and are unable to communicate with the paramedics?


- You become unwell at home and need to call an ambulance and you want the ambulance staff to know you have a long-term medical condition/illness?

Benefits of a Hospital Passport and Emergency card? The Hospital Passport contains all the medical information that health care staff need to be able to treat you and contains the BSL alphabet and basic signs to communicate with you. You can keep the Emergency Card in your wallet for emergency situations. It contains your details, allergies, the need for a BSL interpreter, your emergency contact, your NHS number, your GP’s Address and your date of birth. It is very useful and easy to carry with you when you are out. #deaf #coronavirus #deafworld #emergencycard #hospitalpassport #deafblackcommunity #hardofhearing #deafpeople #deafhealth #communityservice #COVID19

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